vincent van gogh package on offer

Give away a van Gogh for Christmas

Here is another tip for all those who love art and are looking for a truly original gift to give or receive!

A unique package at a special price: two WoodArt Puzzles and four postcards to build 3D Postcard Maxi, dedicated to the genius of painting Vincent van Gogh.

A unique small collection

The package of products dedicated to Vincent van Gogh is the most original gift for those who love this artist and want a unique collection.

In fact, our collection celebrates some of van Gogh’s most famous paintings, re-proposed in two very particular and whimsical versions compared to the original one and created with unusual materials, different from other existing reproductions.

Some are made of wood in the form of a puzzle: a perfect gift for Christmas, to give to enthusiasts and the curious, to those who have time and patience and to those who want to try their hand at a little challenge or relax on winter evenings.

Others are reproduced on postcards to be cut out, folded and glued to create a 3D model of the painting: a curious, creative version, dedicated to those who love model making and want to combine a passion for art with an exercise in manual skills.

The WoodArt wooden puzzles: the Starry Night and Vincent’s Bedroom

For the two paintings Starry Night and Vincent’s Room in Arles we have chosen the wooden puzzle.

Vincent van Gogh, Starry Night
Vincent van Gogh, Vincent’s bedroom in Arles

The wooden puzzle is our version of the classic puzzle made with a natural material worked with the innovative technique of laser cutting. Thanks to this technique, our puzzles are embellished with special tiles, with unique and different shapes. Each card refers to the author’s life, his paintings and the context of the work of art. Forget the traditional joints and explore the new tiles, in carefully selected poplar wood, solid and resistant: never seen joints, strange and fun shapes, a continuous challenge.

WoodArt jigsaw puzzle, Starry Night, the special tiles
WoodArt jigsaw puzzle, Starry Night, the back of the puzzle

In our WoodArt Starry Night wooden puzzle, all the pieces are special in shape, because they follow the brushstrokes of the painting and the shapes represented in it. As van Gogh himself stated, the glimpse of this painted starry sky is a vision, an expression of the observed image, different from reality. It will take just as much flair and visionary vision to complete this puzzle!

In the WoodArt wooden puzzle with Vincent’s Bedroom in Arles, the special tiles have shapes that refer to other works by van Gogh himself. You will recognize one of the famous Sunflowers, the gig of the Langlois Bridge or the window of the Church of Auvers. And not only that: a curious shape hidden in the texture of the original tile cutting path is Vincent’s initial, which the painter used to sign his paintings.

WoodArt jigsaw puzzle, Vincent’s bedroom, some tiles
WoodArt jigsaw puzzle, Vincent’s bedroom, a tile

The 3D Postcards: four paintings to be built in three dimensions

The four 3D Maxi Postcards dedicated to Vincent van Gogh

Four postcards for four subjects: Vincent’s Bedroom in Arles, the Sunflowers, the Langlois Bridge, the Church of Auvers.

At Christmas you can send them to your loved one to wish them your best wishes and they will be a double surprise! Each postcard can in fact become a three-dimensional painting, a small set where Vincent van Gogh’s places will take shape!

Do not miss the opportunity of this unique offer. The whole package includes two WoodArt wooden puzzles and four 3D Postcard Maxi dedicated to Vincent van Gogh at a very special price. You can make a unique gift, a collection just for you or to share with passionate friends, your family members with whom to build your models or win a creative friend on the hunt for a truly original object.

Give a van Gogh as a gift for Christmas!

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