The scream, Edvard Munch – Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle


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The scream, Edvard Munch – Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

209 pieces. Final dimensions 35,6 x 27,9 centimetres. Thickness of the tiles 3 mm.

The jigsaw puzzle is handcrafted and checked piece by piece. The cutting and application of the color are carried out in complete safety with the latest generation machinery.

Forget traditional joints. Explore the new tiles, in carefully selected poplar wood, solid and resistant. Unseen joints, strange and funny shapes, an endless challenge. The special pieces refer to the life, works and context of the work of art reproduced in the jigsaw puzzle.

Munchhimself describes in a diary page, the circumstances that led him to the birth of The scream. The mysterious character portrayed in the painting is not screaming. He is sheltering itself from the great scream of nature. That is the reason of his bewildered expression deformed into a grimace of surprise. In his mind, his thoughts run through a maze. This is the inspiration for our puzzle, designed as a brain teaser to be solved!

The tiles of the Jigsaw puzzle are contained in a natural linen bag and packaged in an exclusive wooden box to protect it during transport.

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Designed and Made in Italy.

Weight 0,750 kg
Dimensions 35,6 × 27,90 × 0,3 cm


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