Rome the Eternal City


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A set of 10 postcards to build the ancient and modern monuments of Rome. A unique offer to collect models of the most famous symbols of the Eternal City!

3D Postcard is a postcard to cut, fold and glue to build up a photo quality 3D model. Instructions in 4 languages on the back of the postcard. More instructions on our post.

The models of the monuments of Rome included in this offer are:

  1. Rome, Colosseum
  2. Rome, Pantheon
  3. Rome, S. Pietro in Vatican City
  4. Rome, Trevi Fountain
  5. Rome, Castel Sant’Angelo
  6. Rome, Campidoglio
  7. Roman Empire, Temple
  8. Roman Empire, Domus
  9. Roman Empire, Triumphal Arch
  10. Roman Empire, Amphitheatre

Dimensions of the postcards of modern monuments: 18×12 cm.

Dimensions of the postcards of the Roman Empire’s monuments: 21×15 cm.

Design and Made in Italy.

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Dimensions 21 × 15 × 1 cm


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