Custom Models

Miniaturize your museum, your product, your corporate headquarters or the a symbolic monument of your city. Custom paper or wood models are perfect for enhancing your marketing.

Four reasons to create your own custom model

3D Postcard - Custom Models - Vespa 98 Piaggio Museum
3D Postcard – Custom Models.
Vespa 98 Piaggio Museum

Unique and Memorable Gadget

A model to be built, of paper or wood, is unique and unrepeatable. From the hyper-realistic quality of paper models to the fineness of the detail of the wooden ones. Custom models enhance your building or product with a powerful “WOW effect”.

It takes time to build a model, from a few minutes to one hour depending on the difficulty. The manual action of the construction generates an effective and enduring memorability that any other gadget can create.

WoodART - Custom Models - Macerata Sferisterio
WoodART – Custom Models.
Sferisterio, Macerata

Made in Italy Quality

High-quality selected materials. Fine wood engraved and cut with state-of-the-art lasers. Quality paper, selected to be shaped and treated to last.

The entire production process is carried out in our laboratories from design phase to packaging. Two laser machines allow us to produce the prototypes directly. Production capacity starts from a few hundred pieces to the tens of thousands. Internal production ensures a certain timeframe for prototypes and deliveries.

3D Postcatd - Custom Models - Teatro Verdi Pisa
3D Postcatd – Custom Models.
Verdi Theatre,Pisa

Two lines for all needs

Paper. With 3D Postcards, over 70 models, we have entered the most important museums in Italy, from the Mole Antonelliana in Turin to Zisa in Palermo, passing from the Uffizi in Florence and the archaeological site of Pompeii. The two winning points: low price and high runs.

Wood. WoodART, the easy-to-assemble wooden puzzle detailed as the real thing. We developed a laser incision duplex technique even on small pieces for an effect of absolute realism. WoodART turned out to be the exclusive gadget that makes the difference.

WoodART - Custom Models - Familistère de Guise
WoodART – Custom Models.
Familistère de Guise, France


Is modelling for a small niche of enthusiasts? Not only that!

It is enough to know how to exploit the potential, as MUVE did, the Venice Civic Museums, which has adopted our models for educational workshops for children. Or the structures who have customized our WoodART to present the latest restoration, an anniversary or simply to promote in a nice and innovative way their business.

Our customers

Our models are distributed in the bookshops of the most important Italian museums.

We have over 160 stores including museum bookshops, bookstores, tourist information points and highly selected shops. We are present in 11 regions in Italy and also in France, Germany and Japan.

With our online shop we reach customers all over the planet.

In our portfolio there are dozens of companies from the tourism and cultural sector.

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