FORMAcultura, Models to be built

Step 2 Engraving paper model

About us

Formacultura was founded in 1999 with the ambition to promote cultural heritage and tourism in an innovative way. Our work team consists of archaeologists, art historians, educational experts, 2D and 3D graphics and modelers. We are specialized in the production of models to be built. Our products are on sale in the bookshops of the most important Italian museums, but also in Europe and Asia.

FORMAcultura Models to be built


We design and realize models to be built of famous monuments andspecific subjects on-demand. The high quality of the details makes our products unique in the world. We work on two different production lines. Paper models to cut, fold and glue, using photo quality textures. 3D wooden puzzle cut and engraved by laser in our laboratory.

FORMAcultura Laser cut Models to be built


The paper models are made with photographic textures to achieve a realistic result. The wood kit are cut and engraved using high tecnology laser to create perfect fits and particular details. In our laboratory we use the latest generations laser cutting machines to process our products accurately and quickly. The flexibility of our work team allows us to work on multiple products at the same time.

FORMAcultura Models to build up Colosseo

Made in Italy

La nostra produzione, dal design al packaging, è artigianale e interamente made in Italy. Per la tutela dell’ambiente utilizziamo imballi FSC, carta da fonti gestite in maniera responsabile. Il nostro Made in Italy è apprezzato ovunque; dal nostro shop on-line distribuiamo modelli da costruire in tutto il pianeta.