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The paper model of the Church of St. Mary of the Spina in Pisa on a scale of 1:1,000

The Free Model

Have you seen our 3D Postcards and would like to understand how they work? Are you interested but would like to see an example? No problem!

We provide you with a high-quality PDF to print comfortably at home. Here’s how:

3D Postcard Pisa

1. Download from our Home Page the PDF of the Church of St. Mary of the Spine of Pisa.

2. Print the PDF on a white, opaque, A4 size sheet, weighing between 160 and 200gr/sqm.

3. Get scissors, paper glue, a cutter and tweezers.

4. Build the model by following our suggestions.

5. Share, if you want, your work on our social!

The proposed model is of medium difficulty. The body of the church is very easy to assemble (beware only to properly cut the spires). The three domes on the apse are more challenging, but with a little patience they will give great satisfaction.

The Monument


The church of Santa Maria della Spina is a small jewel of the Pisa long-distance. Built in 1230, it is an example of the Gothic style of Pisa, entirely covered in polychrome marbles and decorated with statues, tabernacles and roses. The name comes from a thorn in jesus’ crown that was preserved in the church until the late 1800s.

The interior is composed of a single room that houses two masterpieces of medieval sculpture. Our Lady of the Rose and Madonna del Latte, both works by Andrea and Nino Pisano, date back to the mid-14th century. The statues are copies, while the originals are located in the nearby St. Matthew’s Museum. Today the church hosts temporary exhibitions.

A curiosity

The church is located right on the bank of the Arno River. This position has been the cause of continuous subsidence and subsequent restorations. In 1871 the church was completely dismantled to allow restoration and consolidation. The stones and sculptures were numbered and the building was rebuilt 4 years later. But the result was not exactly the same as the original: moved a few meters, raised and deprived of the sacristies that was protruding on the river. London art critic John Ruskin sharply criticized these works.

In any case, the works have allowed the monument to reach the present day and to be admired along with the beautiful Pisa long-distance.

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The 3D Postcard free and the original on the Lungarno in Pisa

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